Are these products safe for my pet?

Yes, all our products are throughly tested and certified so they are 100% safe for your pet.

Can I still dilute the PUCK shampoo / conditioner?

Some shampoos and conditioners can be diluted 1 to 2. This works easier. (amongst: Herba, Coconut, Anti-Pell, Fortifiant, Creme satin, Cure Vison) You can dilute even more, but then the full mixture should be used on the dog. Obviously the more diluted the less the effect of the treatment shampoo will be. ANTI-ROUX is the only one that should always be used in it's pure form !!

How do I use the PUCK Shampoo?

Rinse your animal with lukewarm water, apply shampoo, rub to foam well, leave to soak for 3 to 5 minutes and rinse well. The easiest way to get the shampoo nicely all over the dog is to dilute the shampoo in a bottle of water with a sport cap and then distribute the whole bottle over the dog.